Cumberland Japan is a manufacture and sales company of mobile homes. From design to manufacture and sales, transportation and setting.

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Cumberland Japan's mobile homes are designed and manufactured taking account of owners' safety and relief as first priority.

Mobile homes, especially park models, are called "trailer house" in Japan. They are utilized for various uses, such as shop, restaurant, office, house, accommodations, etc.
We have been developed and improved our products in order that owners in Japan can use safely and comfortably. We would like to popularize Japanese-made Mobile Homes as the following products.

Japanese-made Mobile Homes:

- As for transporting, they can receive authorization of relaxation of standards and can obtain traffic permission for a special vehicle from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT).

- They are manufactured in consideration of building frame structure, ventilation, natural lighting, building materials and equipment and so on, as transportable shops/dwellings/offices, and they can obtain building confirmation as necessary.

House types
Equipped with house equipment (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc.)
Shop types
The indoor is empty. Depending on a use, installation of equipment and floor planning are possible.
Our products are designed to withstand Japanese various climate conditions such as high temperature and humidity in summer season and heavy snow and coldness in winter season, and long-distance transporting.

In order that owners can use mobile homes with peace of mind, we deliver products with methods observing related standards.
1. Construction standards (Japan Recreational Vehicle Import Association (JRVIA))
2. Method of transporting (MLIT)
3. Method of Installation (MLIT)
New models, our activities, event information, etc.
Mobile Home Transportation
About transportation of mobile home in Japan.
Tables of transport charges, schedule calender
About Us
Cumberland Japan was established in 1994.
Our history, address and map, etc.
Cumberland Japan mobile homes are manufatcured at three factory in Nagano, Japan.
Utilization at time of disaster
Cases of utilization in affected areas of natural disasters, from the Hanshin Awaji earthquake disaster in 1995 until recently.
Utilization in Japan
Mobile homes are utilized widely in Japan, from personal use to business use.
Cumberland Japan reserves the right to change or discontinue models, prices, materials, equipment, specifications, and availability at any time without notice.
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